Abu Simbel Safari

Visiting one of the world’s most magnificent ancient monuments

The highlight of this small boat cruise is a visit to the spectacular Temples of Abu Simbel; carved out of solid rock four immense statues of Ramses II address the lake, originally designed as a show of strength, an awesome sentinel watching over any boats sailing into the Pharaoh’s lands. Millions of people visit these temples every year and are awestruck by their grandeur and alignment with the constellations. Click for an interesting 3 minute video Temples of Abu Simbel
The five days are spent cruising between Aswan and Abu Simbel or vis-à-vis, the total cruising time to Abu Simbel is approximately 25 hours. On average you will be cruising on the lake at a leisurely pace for about 5 hours a day. Interspersed between these daily travelling times you are free to explore the lake, go for walks, wild life viewing, visiting the local Bedouin or fishermen or simply take in the incredible scenery.
A small boat safari cruise offers a more worthwhile experience, exploring remote areas of this beautiful lake and getting close to the magic of its wilderness, wild life and nomadic people than a cruise down the middle of the lake in a huge cruise ship glimpsing the desert panorama from a distance.

"The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly". Steve Pitts.

Abu Simel Safari Itinerary

The Abu Simbel cruise starts every Sunday of the year for 4 nights & 5 days or if you have got more time to spare you can come for 5 nights & 6 days. The itinerary operates in both directions starting from either Aswan or Abu Simbel.

Sunday:      We will collect you from your Nile cruise ship, hotel or Aswan airport and then transfer you to the safari start point where you will be welcomed by your guide. Cruise south from Aswan for a few hours while you settle in, then after lunch start exploring the lake. Lunch & dinner are served on safari.
On Safari:    The emphasis of our safaris is to show you the panorama, nature and the nomadic people of this Desert Lake. There are also several ancient monuments which have been reconstructed and moved from their original positions during the building of the Aswan High Dam representing the land of Nubia during the Pharaonic period. Each day there is a different night stop usually in a quite bay with a sandy beach and spectacular Desert Lake vistas. All meals and hot beverages included on the safari.
Thursday:    Arrive at Abu Simbel then, after lunch on your mother ship, you have the option of visiting the Temples. At 4pm we will transfer you to Aswan by road to connect with your on-going itinerary; the arrival time in Aswan is approximately 7.30pm.


Live Aboard Boats

For your live aboard boat you can charter either a House Boat or a Safari Boat which you have for your own exclusive use. Each boat is skippered by an English speaking Nubian guide with local knowledge of the wildlife, places of interest. Your live aboard boat is supported by a well-appointed mother ship for night stops, your meals and resting up with a cold beer. More information Safari Boats & Crew

House Boats are a perfect choice for families or a group of friends, the more people who share a house boat the less expensive it becomes for each person. House boats have two spacious cabins sleeping four people comfortably. They are fitted with a toilet & shower and a small galley with amenities for making tea or coffee; there is also an ice box filled with cold drinks. The sun deck has a comfortable shaded area which is ideal for relaxing and sun bathing. A house boat is perfect for exploring the lake, big enough to be comfortable but also small enough to reach shallow areas, where you are more likely to see wild life and get close enough for that memorable photograph.

Safari Boats are smaller than the house boats and were originally designed for fishing. Ideal for those who would like to try their luck for Nile perch or Tiger fish while on safari. Safari boats have a cabin with two large single bunks which sleep two people comfortably. Safari boats can accommodate three people with an extra mattress on the top deck under the desert stars which is a unique and peaceful experience; it never rains in the desert. Unlike the house boats, safari boats do not have an on board toilet and shower, these facilities are provided for on the mother ship.

Solo Travellers are welcome:    Pay for one place from the price band for 2 sharing a fishing boat plus the single anglers supplement. You then have the option of using the fishing boat for your own personal use, or we can advertise to find a suitable partner for you to fish with; if we find someone then neither of you will pay for the fishing boat single supplement.
Family Discount:    The best way for families to come on a safari is to charter a house boat for their own private use. Adults pay the full amount under the price band of the number of family members travelling together and each child who is 20 years old or younger gets a 20% discount off the same price band.
Organizer:    If you have a group of six or more friends coming on the same safari with you take advantage of our organizer discount. For six or more adults who book a safari together we will give the organizer (or the sixth person) a 20% discount off the cost of their safari.

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Autumn & Winter 2016

Treat yourself and your family to a unique holiday exploring or fishing the wilderness of a magnificent desert lake. Also, cruise down the lake to visit one of the world’s most famous ancient monuments the Temples of Abu Simbel

Our style of holiday is for the individual and is not mass tourism. Take a break from the tourist 'hot spots' and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

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