Desert Lake Private Charter

Offering a degree of independence which many people prefer

Charter your own small boat safari unit a mother ship, house boats and or safari boats with a safari crew who will take good care of you. You will have the exclusive use of this unit and can make your own decisions about when to move camp and set the pace for your safari on an out-door adventure which has few equals.

Focus on what you are really interested in, from bird watching to exploring the desert environment or visiting the ancient monuments. Several archaeological sites were moved block by block by UNESCO to higher ground when the lake inundated the Nile Valley where they were originally located.

You can start on any day of the year and come for as long as required - minimum charter 2 nights & 3 days.

First Day: An African Angler tour coordinator will meet you from any location in Aswan and transfer you to the safari start point on the lake.

On Safari: The number of days you have booked are spent exploring Lake Nasser. All meals and hot beverages are included.

Safari Ends:  The safari ends at 4 pm when we will transfer you from the lake to any location in Aswan for your onward travel arrangements.

Information: Safari Boats & Crew                        PDF file with Itinerary & Cost

How a Desert Lake Private Charter Works

Explore the lake in your own private live aboard boat then at lunch time and in the evening meet up with a well-appointed mother ship for meals and drinks in comfortable social surroundings.

Mother Ships. Our concept of having an independent unit taking care of catering and recreation is unique on Lake Nasser. With cruise ships everything is cramped together in one unit with little privacy. Cruise ships, big or small, are too cumbersome to get close to wild life and manoeuvre in shallower water where all the action is. Our live aboard boats are perfect for getting a close-up experience of this magnificent desert lake.

Camps are located on sandy beaches where it is safe to swim in the lakes clean fresh water. There are plenty of opportunities to walk along the desert shore; in some places the water has washed away the top soil to reveal plant and animal fossils of bygone eras. Also, stone age rock drawings and more "modern" Hieroglyphics carved by ancient Egyptians during their trading expeditions can be found.

During the two annual bird migrations between Africa and the northern hemisphere you will be amazed by the millions of birds passing through this desert lake.

The weather is always sunny; most areas have not seen any rain for five or more years. Spectacular sunsets are followed by a dazzling night sky full of brilliantly bright stars; no light pollution from cities a phenomenon few people have experienced.

“The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly". Steve Pitts.