Egypt's Natural Treasure

Desert Bedouin co-existing with nature… timeless as the desert itself

Taking advantage of our 20 plus years’ experience operating sport fishing safaris on this beautiful desert lake in 2015 we introduced eco-tourism to Lake Nasser which we call the Lake Nasser Experience.

If you enjoy nature and the ‘great out doors’ here is a chance to experience a unique open-air adventure. Come on a small boat safari to explore a desert lake with its magnificent landscapes, biodiversity and meet desert nomads in your own private live aboard house boat or safari boat.

Small boat safaris are similar to the old style African safari where 4x4 vehicles are used for game viewing, while support trucks carrying a luxury camp with the safari staff go on ahead. Instead, we use comfortable house boats which are supported by a well-appointed mother ships in place of land vehicles. You will get a close-up insight into the grandeur of this stunning desert lake, its prolific bird life, wild animals and nomadic people. In many ways it is like visiting a game park. Our style of holiday is for the individual, not mass tourism, we will show you a much more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

There is a lot to see and do, in many ways, it’s like visiting a game park. The lake is blessed with vast areas of natural beauty, shorelines with a diversity of desert landscapes, from hilly and rugged to sandy with dunes cascading into the lake forming beautiful freshwater beaches.

There are an impressive variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded and the area is an important staging point for migrant and over-wintering birds. The predators are crocodiles, monitor lizards, jackals, Hyena and desert fox. Other species of wildlife include Dorcas gazelle, and many other smaller desert mammals which inhabit the shoreline and islands.

Transient peasant fishermen fish the lake using traditional rowing boats; there is no modern commercial fishing. The residents are Desert Bedouin camel and sheep herdsmen who graze their flocks on the sparse vegetation growing on the shoreline.

Our objective is to offer affordable first class holidays personalized to small groups of individuals and families who would like a break from crowded tourist sites and experience Egypt from a different perspective” Tim Baily: Founder of African Angler Pty Ltd.

Abu Simbel Cruise
Our most popular small boat safari is the cruise between Aswan and Abu Simbel, visiting the Temples of Abu Simbel where four immense statues of Ramses II address the lake, designed as a show of strength, an awesome sentinel watching over boats sailing into the Pharaoh’s lands. A more rewarding adventure than to travel down the middle of the lake in a huge cruise ship.

Desert Lake Safari
If you are limited for time you can include a short Desert Lake Safari into your holiday itinerary for Egypt, with a variety of date options you have plenty of flexibility to choose how long you stay on the Lake.

Private Lake Safari
Charter one or more live aboard boats supported by a Mother Ship for your own private use; a degree of independence many of our guests prefer. Perfect for a group of friends or a family who would like to explore the lake on an outdoor adventure which has few equals. Start or end on any day of the year and stay for as long as required.

From a young traveller:
“Dear Tim,
Just wanted to say thank you, we had a very, very nice trip. My dad thinks the same! We loved our guide and everybody was so friendly and of course, the excellent food! You should make more publicity for this, the cook was amazing!”
Best regards
Sophia Schröder

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