Bringing the atmosphere of traditional African safaris to Lake Nasser

African Angler Pty Ltd was registered in Sydney Australia in 1998, owned and managed by Tim and Peter Baily. Registered Address: 12 Quiamong Street, Naremburn, Sydney NSW 2065 ABN 16084 882 637

Peter Baily - Sydney Australia Office
African Angler Pty Ltd
PO Box 345
Tea Gardens NSW 2324
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Tim Baily - Aswan Egypt
African Angler (Egypt)
PO Box 191
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Nabil Abd El Moete
African Angler (Egypt)
PO Box 191
Mobile: + (20) 0100 1342 410   

We are a small professional family business who in 1993 had the privilege of being the first to pioneer small boat safaris on Lake Nasser.  We specialize exclusively on Lake Nasser and as a result have unparalleled experience of this magnificent desert lake.

“Our objective is to offer affordable first-class holidays personalized to small groups of individuals and families who would like a break from crowded tourist sites and experience Egypt from a unique perspective”

Peter Baily manages the office in Sydney Australia whilst Tim Baily with our Egyptian partner Nabil Abd El Moete runs the Aswan office and the safari operations.

Both Tim and Peter Baily were born and raised in Kenya, and have been involved in the safari business for most of their lives which has brought the atmosphere of traditional African "Hemingway" style safaris to Lake Nasser combined with old style hospitality and attention to service.

For the past 20 plus years we have been operating sport fishing safaris targeting and releasing one of the biggest fresh water fish in the world - the legendary Nile perch. Our fishing safaris are ‘second to none’ and most anglers who come for the first time will catch the largest ‘wild’ not farmed fresh water fish of their life and have an angling adventure they will not forget.

Safari Crew:   An important requirement for a successful safari is the crew; we take this seriously and devote time and effort into selecting and training our staff most of them have been with us for fifteen years or longer. They are all Nubians who inhabited the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser. Nubians have a rich heritage which dates to before the Pharaohs controlled ancient Egypt; they still maintain their own distinct culture, language and architecture. There is an excellent ‘esprit de corps’ amongst our Nubian staff, they are proud of the work they do and you can’t beat them for their spontaneous and genuine friendship.

The Nubians have a special reputation amongst outsiders; their characteristics are generally considered to be honesty, trustworthiness, good heartedness and cooperation. But this reputation covers not only the people but also their country, which was called Balad El-Aman, a land of safety and security. I am telling you all this because the whole crew and the staff of African Angler are Nubians, and without exaggerating, I have barely ever met better, politer, more helpful and grateful people in my whole life! These guys are very proud of their culture and their values and until today represent them to the fullest! Moritz Witter May 2014

This book is co-authored by Tim Baily who pioneered Nile Perch safaris on Lake Nasser and is an authority on the subject of fishing for this huge predator and Barrie Rickards an experienced pike angler, fishing journalist and author who was captivated by Nile perch and Lake Nasser. It is only since the 1980s that ordinary anglers have been able to fish regularly for the legendary Nile perch, which is one of the biggest freshwater fish in the world. This book is a comprehensive study of how they can be caught and provides the reader with information about all aspects of the Nile Perch including their biology, ecology, distribution, and even how to cook them.

The book concentrates on Lake Nasser where most of the modern Nile Perch fishing techniques have been developed. However, the authors also consider other places in Africa where these enormous fish occur and can be captured. Brimming with information, the book explains everything there is to know on the subject and is also beautifully illustrated with over 150 colour photographs.

"What happened next will stay with me to the end of my life. One second the lure was wobbling quietly towards me, perhaps 25 yards away. The next it was hit with unbelievable power...." Dr Barrie Rickards Ph.D., D.Sc. (Cambridge) "Kings of the Nile” Coarse Fishing

If you would like a copy of this book please send an email to: .

Cost including air mail postage To UK £30 Europe €40 USA $45

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