“The Nile perch is big. The locals here will tell you incredible stories of fish of 300lb and more, without blinking. And if you feel the need to fantasise, just think of monsters of the species, in silver armour, gliding down the streets of deep drowned Nubian villages “.   Clive Gammon Angling Author and Journalist

Be Well Prepared
It is important to be well prepared for a fishing safari especially when targeting big Nile perch which requires specialize tackle and lures that many anglers do not have in their fishing tackle arsenal. With this in mind we have gone into some detail in the Lure Anglers Guide which we have in .pdf format

We recommend you get a copy click and send Lure Anglers Guide

Catch & Release
The African Angler practices a strict catch and release policy. From time to time we take the occasional Nile perch for the kitchen.
Please always be patient when you come to release your big catch. The fish will be worn out after giving you a hard fight and needs time and help to recover and live to breed again.
“Don’t kill with kindness”. It is not always a good idea to give away lures or fishing tackle as presents to local people. We have evidence these lures are being used for commercial fishing where all the Nile perch are automatically killed.

What Can I Expect To Catch?
We are often asked this question, fishing being fishing, who knows for sure? Most anglers can expect to capture at least one Nile perch of 50lb. beyond that, anything’s possible – perhaps even another world record? We do not like to promise Nile perch of 100 pounds plus - they are there and they are often caught - we have broken the last 3 (IGFA approved) Nile perch all tackle world records with fish of over 200 pounds.
It is almost impossible to answer the question “how many fish can I expect to catch in a day” or "how big will they be". Some days you might catch nothing at all and the next day might produce 8 /10 fish up to 100lbs or even more. Also, a lot will depend on the size of the fish that you are targeting – the bigger the fish you target the less you will catch.


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