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Flights to Egypt & Getting to Aswan
Arrival & Departure Package
Getting Ready
Arrival in Egypt
On Safari

Flights to Egypt & Getting to Aswan

You can join one of our boat safaris as part of an itinerary you are organising yourself or through a travel agent. Send us an email with your dates and how long you would like to spend on the lake and we will tell you what availability we have. Or, ask your travel agent to contact us and together we will plan the necessary arrangements for you. Contact
If you would like to make your own arrangements you will find the following information useful.

Flights to Egypt are not expensive; they vary so it’s worth doing some research. The convenient way to look for a flight is to use the Google Search facility, simply type in - Flights to Egypt from (then the name of the city you will be flying from). Your flight bookings can be processed on the internet where it is easy and reliable to buy electronic flight tickets direct from airlines; your valid flight ticket will be sent to your email address.
You have the option of flying into either Cairo or Luxor and then connecting to Aswan. If possible book a connecting flight to Aswan on the same day you arrive in Egypt. If there is no connecting flight on the day you arrive you will have to spend a night in either Cairo or Luxor before travelling on to Aswan early the next morning.
You may also consider arriving a few days earlier to visit some of Egypt’s famous antiquities? Let us know we will be pleased to help you make the arrangements.

Cairo: There are daily flights into Cairo from most major cities throughout the world and there are frequent daily flights connecting Cairo and Aswan.
Luxor: Luxor has an international airport with frequent charter flights and Egypt Air scheduled flight connections with the UK and most European countries making Luxor a cost effective and convenient start point for your holiday. Connections between Luxor to Aswan are currently by road transfer or train; we will assist you with these arrangements when you make your booking.
Aswan: There are currently no international flights scheduled into Aswan

Recommended Flight Web Sites:-
British Airways (Cairo)
Egypt Air (Cairo & Luxor)
Dial-A-Flight (Cairo & Luxor)
Thomson (Luxor charter)

Connecting to Aswan

From Cairo: There are regular flights between Cairo and Aswan. If you are flying into Aswan from Cairo, on the morning your safari starts, book the early morning flight with an arrival time of no later than 8.30 or 9.30am to avoid missing valuable time on Lake Nasser. On arrival in Aswan an African Angler tour coordinator will meet you and transfer you directly to the safari start point on the lake.
From Luxor: The most convenient way to reach Aswan is to take an air-conditioned mini bus transfer by road. We will pick you up at 7.30am from your Luxor Hotel for an interesting three hour drive down the Nile Valley through rural Egypt to Aswan and then on to the safari start point.

Visa on Arrival

A visa is required for Egypt. Nationals of the following countries have the option to obtain a visa on arrival: In addition to UK and EU nationals, citizens of the following countries can obtain visa upon arrival at any of the Egyptian ports of entry: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine and USA.
Getting a visa on arrival is easy. When you arrive at Cairo or Luxor airport you will find currency exchange booths where you buy an entry visa stamp, before you join the immigration queue, the cost of a stamp is currently US$15
Alternatively, you may obtain a visa before you leave from your closest Egyptian Embassy.

We Need Your Passport Details

You need a permit before you can join a safari. To obtain this permit please send us a clear photocopy of the information pages of your passport, there is no need to copy any visa pages. Passport copies must reach us a minimum of TWO WEEKS before you travel otherwise we might not be able to get your permit in time.
Please send us a copy of the information page of your passport using either of the following methods:-
1) Send a scan by e-mail to
2) Take a digital camera picture of the information page of your passport and send us the picture to
3) Within 4 weeks of arrival photocopy and then post to, African Angler Pty Ltd, PO Box 1063, Crows Nest, Sydney NSW 1585, Australia.

Arrival & Departure Package

This package includes all transfers between airports in Egypt, hotels and the safari start point. Two nights in first class hotels at the start and end of the safari with buffet breakfast. You can use this package for any length of itinerary, starting and ending on any day of the year. Also, you can include extra nights and sightseeing programs in both Cairo and Luxor.

Itinerary - Flying into Cairo

On arrival at Cairo airport go through immigration and customs formalities then:-
EITHER transfer directly to connect with your domestic flight to Aswan, an African Angler tour coordinator will meet you at Aswan airport and transfer you to your hotel
OR if you are spending the night in Cairo an American Express tour manager will meet you outside the customs hall after you have collected your baggage, he will be holding a sign with the American Express logo with your name written on it, he will then transfer you to the Novotel airport hotel (or similar) for the night with breakfast.
If you would like to spend some extra days in Cairo sightseeing before you travel to Aswan please let us know, we will be pleased to make these arrangements for you.

First Day of the Safari
If you are already in Aswan we will transfer you to the safari start point.
OR American Express will transfer to Cairo airport to connect with your flight to Aswan. An African Angler tour coordinator will meet you at Aswan airport and transfer you to directly to the safari start point. Arrange for your flight to arrive in Aswan between 8.30 & 9.30am to maximize your time on the lake for the first day.

On Safari
The numbers of days you have booked for your safari are spent on Lake Nasser. All meals and hot beverages are included.

Safari ends
The safari ends at approximately 4.00pm when we will transfer you from the lake to any location in Aswan for your onward travel arrangements. Depending on your international flight arrangements you will spend a night in a first class hotel in Aswan or Cairo.

Homebound Flight
Transfer to Cairo airport for your flight home.

Itinerary - Flying into Luxor

On arrival at Luxor airport an American Express tour manager will meet you in the arrival hall before immigration & customs; he will assist you with these arrival formalities and organize your visa on arrival, you will then be transferred to the Sonesta St. George (or similar) hotel for bed & breakfast.
If you would like to spend some extra days in Luxor sightseeing let us know, we will be pleased to help make these arrangements for you.

Luxor to Aswan
There are currently no Egypt Air flight connections between Luxor and Aswan. We can help by arranging a road transfer in an air-conditioned minibus. We will collect you from your Luxor hotel, early in the morning, for an interesting three hour drive up the Nile Valley to Aswan on arrival we will transfer you directly to the safari start point on the lake.

On Safari
The numbers of days you have booked for your safari are spent on Lake Nasser. All meals and hot beverages are included.

Safari ends
The safari ends at approximately 4.00pm when we will transfer you to Aswan train station for a first class train ticket to Luxor. On arrival at Luxor train station you will be met by and American Express representative who will transfer you to the Sonesta St. George (or similar) hotel for bed & breakfast.

Homebound Flight
Transfer to Luxor airport for your flight home, help with checking in is provided.

Arrival & Departure Package

The Arrival & Departure Package can start or end on any day of the year and last for as long as required.

Included: All transfers between airports, hotels and the safari start point plus two nights in first class hotels with buffet breakfast
Not included: Domestic flights and the hotel high season supplement over the Christmas & Easter holidays.

Email Peter Baily who will send you details about the Arrival & Departure Package cost. Please mention which currency you prefer GB£ - Euro or US$

Getting Ready

Vaccinations for Egypt

There are no mandatory vaccinations for visitors unless you are coming from an area infected with Yellow Fever. Some health authorities advise travellers to have a vaccination against Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Malaria is not endemic in Egypt it is therefore not necessary to take a malaria prophylactic. If in doubt, consult your doctor or a vaccination centre.


It is a condition of joining our safari that you have travel insurance with comprehensive medical cover. A safari on Lake Nasser comes under the category of ‘Adventure Travel’ (similar to trekking, water sports, mountaineering etc.). You therefore need an insurance package specifically designed for this type of trip. Also, get insurance cover in case you have to cancel your holiday for any unforeseen reason.

Spending Money

Bring your money preferably in cash or traveller’s cheque; cash is easier to convert into Egyptian pounds; you do not need your passport for a cash transaction. Credit cards can be used at hotels and larger shops. Small amounts of cash can be withdrawn from ATM cash machines and some banks will advance cash against credit cards. To be on the safe side, bring more money than you think you will need - if you don’t spend it you can always take it home!


Mainland Egypt has normal global roaming mobile phone coverage but large areas of Lake Nasser are too remote to be in range of a mobile phone connection. All our mother ships have a satellite phone facility which you can use. The cost is approximately US$3.00 per minute approx £1.85 - €2.10.

What to Pack

During the summer months light cotton clothing is advisable and a cap or sun hat is a necessity. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the cooler evenings. Plan to protect yourself from the sun, come well prepared with plenty of sun block.
During the winter months you will need a warm jersey along with a good windproof coat for the evenings. Evenings on the lake can be quite cold!
Sturdy footwear is important, especially if you enjoy shore fishing. You will need rubber or similar soles for gripping on rocks and canvas or similar uppers that dry out quickly.
Most people bring far too much clothing etc. Pack two sets of casual-smart clothes for the two nights that you will spend in hotels. For the safari, pack just enough for two or three changes depending on the length of your stay.

Items You May Forget

• Sleeping bag (See below)
• Sunglasses - Polaroid
• Sun hat
• Suntan lotion suggested protection factor (15+)
• Moisturizer & lip balm
• Insect repellent
• Long sleeved shirt - protection from the sun
• Jersey and a warm coat for the winter months
• First Aid Kit (See below)
• Re-hydration powders
• Binoculars
• Torch and spare batteries
• Self sealing plastic bags to protect your camera from dust
• Two pin continental adaptor

Sleeping Bag

We provide a freshly laundered sleeping bag sheet, blankets and a pillow. You might prefer to bring your own sleeping bag during the winter months when the nights can be cold (November to February). You will not need a sleeping bag during the summer months (March to October).
If required we can provide you with a freshly laundered sleeping bag for a hire charge of US$5 - £3.00 - €3.50 per day. If you want a sleeping bag please remember to order one in advance.

First Aid Kit

There is a basic First Aid box in your fishing boat and the supply boat carries a slightly more extensive First Aid box. We ask you use your own day-to-day medication, bandages and plasters etc. Please check with your travel or medical advisor for any specific needs.

Photography Tips

Pack everything in large plastic zip lock bags to protect them from dust and sand. Because of the bright desert light and reflection from the water you will need a UV filter.
When taking that important trophy photo remember to use a fill in flash. Your light meter reading will register the bright silver fish leaving faces shaded by cap brims too dark to see properly especially black Nubian faces.
Mother ships all have 240v generators which can be used to charge camera batteries; bring a two pin continental adaptor.


The weather is almost always sunny and bright, days are warm or hot, and nights are cool. Egypt has only two seasons: a mild winter from November to May and a hot summer from June to October. The only differences between the seasons are variations in daytime temperatures and changes in prevailing winds.
Do not underestimate the strength of the sun. Always wear sun protection, a hat and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquid. If you begin to feel weak or just not ‘quite right’, move out of the sun, drink something sweet and rest until you feel normal again. Also, take a course of a re-hydration sachet drink.
For more comprehensive weather information and a map of Lake Nasser refer to web page heading Lake Nasser on the top navigation panel.

Arrival in Egypt

Contact Addresses in Egypt

ASWAN Aswan is the African Angler’s operations base.
African Angler (Egypt)
PO Box 191, Aswan
Tel: + (20) (097) 2309748 or 2307320     Aswan office - closed on Friday - Open from 10am to 5pm Egypt time

When you arrive in Aswan you will be met by an African Angler tour coordinator at the airport, train station, hotel or cruise ship and he will make sure you are well looked after.
In case of any problems such as flight delays etc please contact the African Angler in Aswan at one of the following numbers.
Yousef Tour Coordinator:    Mobile: 01003494281
Nabil Operations Director:   Mobile: 01001342410

Cairo & Luxor

Our partner in Egypt is American Express (Egypt) who is responsible for looking after you in Cairo and Luxor. An American Express representative will meet you on arrival at either Cairo or Luxor airport and then take care of your travel arrangements to Aswan. If for any reason, you need to contact them here are the numbers:-
American Express Cairo Airport                             American Express Luxor Airport
Airport manager Mobile: 012 3184777                     Airport Manager Mobile: 0123388717
After hours Mobile: 016 8819031                              Luxor Tel: (095) 2378333

Reconfirming Flight Tickets

When you arrive in Aswan please ensure your flight tickets are handed to the African Angler tour coordinator who has the responsibility of re-confirming your homebound flight. Your flight ticket will be kept safe until the end of your safari and then returned to you.

Changing Money

You will find exchange banks open at all the airports no matter what time you arrive. Hotels also have in-house banks which have specific opening times. Bring cash bank notes because they can be exchanged quickly; you do not need a passport for cash transactions. If you have travellers cheques then remember to take your passport with you when you go to the bank.
You will find the following currency notes in use. E£200, E£100, E£50, E£20, E£10, E£5
Coins E£1.00, E£0.50, E£0.25
Exchange Rates are constantly changing (Revised October 2014)
£1.00 = E£11.10   -- €1.00 = E£9.50   -- US$1.00 = E£6.80

Tipping in Egypt

Tipping is a way of life in Egypt; most service workers expect a small tip. There is a wide gap between our standard of living and that of the people in Egypt so a small contribution to someone who might need help is the mellow way of understanding the system also a small cost to keep people smiling. At airports the porter’s tips will be covered by the tour coordinator who meets you on arrival. In hotels for porters, waiters and room service allow between E£5 and E£10 per service (refer to Exchange Rates above). Tipping is not compulsory on our safari but if you feel the staff deserve a reward we suggest you allow for between E£75 to E£100 (refer to exchange rates above) per person for each day on safari. Give half to your guide and the rest to the mother ship head waiter for distribution to the mother ship crew.


The hotels we use are all first class; rated 4 to 5 star in the Egypt rating system. The hotels we normally use are as follows. Subject to availability, if the hotel is fully booked we will substitute with one of a similar standard.
Cairo: Novotel Cairo airport
Central Cairo: Ramses Hilton
Luxor: Sonesta St. George
Aswan: Basma Hotel       

Hotels will make a photocopy of the information page of your passport which is a formality required for registration with the authorities. When checking out settle your personal account with the reception at least 20 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Hotels will accept, traveller cheques, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Access, and American Express)


The current in Egypt is 220v. Our mother ships have generators which can be used to top up camera batteries; bring a two pin continental adaptor plug for both the mains and generator electricity supply. Our five Mother ships all have 240v generators which can be used to charge camera batteries. Bring a two prong round Continental adaptor to connect your charging unit to the generator.


On Safari


We start the safari as early as possible to give you the maximum amount of time on the lake on the first day. When the transfer bus arrives at the safari start point on Lake Nasser you will be introduced to your guide and the safari crew who are responsible for the mother ship which is escorting your live aboard boat, the crew will help you with your luggage, take you to your boat and help you get settled in.

Guides and Safari Crew

An important requirement for a successful safari is the crew who run the safari. We have taken this seriously devoting a lot of time and effort in selecting and training our team; well over half our safari crew has been with us for ten years or more.
African Angler Safari crew and fishing guides are all Nubians who are the people that inhabited the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser. The Nubian people have a proud and rich heritage that dates back to long before the Pharaohs were in control of ancient Egypt. There is an excellent ‘esprit de corps’ amongst our Nubian staff, they are proud of the work they do and you can’t beat them for their spontaneous and genuine friendship. Refer to the tab heading Safari Crew in the left navigation panel

Drinks on Safari

A member of the service staff will ask you to sign a drinks docket for each order you make. At the end of the safari your orders will be added up for your ‘drinks account’ which will be settled at the end of the safari.

Drinks with the exception of red wine are served cold from the ice box. The cost of drinks on safari is in Egyptian pounds. Exchange rate up-dated August 2013, the approximate equivalent is:

  1. Can of beer 500ml       E£25.00           £2.30               €2.70               $3.55
  2. Wine, red & white        E£100.00          £9.30               €10.80            $14.30
  3. Cans Cola, 7Up etc.    E£12.00          £1.10               €1.30               $1.70
  4. Still water litre              E£6.00             £0.55                €0.65               $0.85

Drinks accounts are calculated in Egyptian pounds and can be paid for in international cash currency at the prevailing rate of exchange. Sorry we do not have credit card facilities in Aswan.
On safari tea and coffee is free of charge there is always a thermos with the makings standing by.

Health & Hygiene

The most common complaint is tummy trouble although on our safaris this is rare. You should not be concerned about Bilharzias which is spread by a minute parasite travelling between the host snail and humans. Lake Nasser is a remote area with a very small population of humans. We have been swimming in the lake for the past 18 years with no problems at all. Malaria does not exist outside the Delta area in Egypt. Mosquitoes are almost nonexistent on the lake, sometimes they are found close to Aswan or Abu Simbel.

Shore Hazards

It is safe to explore the shore line of Lake Nasser so long as you take sensible precautions.
If you want to go for a walk take someone with you and be careful not to lose sight of the lake, if you wander into the desert away from the lake it is easy to get disoriented and lose your way. Depending on which side of the lake you go walking, orientate yourself with the sun which rises in the East and sets in the West.
Loose, rocks pose the greatest personal hazard, never trust your weight to unattached boulders or overhangs also be careful of wet algae covered rocks in the splash zone. Always wear shoes with a grip and look carefully where you are walking.
Lake Nasser’s Crocodiles are much more timid than their relatives in Africa game reserves, unfortunately on Lake Nasser they come under a lot of hunting pressure and as a result keep away from humans. The lake is located in a dry desert area which means there is limited wild life on the shore of any interest to a crocodile; the the Nasser crocks instincts are attuned more into hunting fish than taking animals from the shore. Get advice from your guide before going swimming.
The scorpions found in the desert are painful but not fatal. They hide under rocks by day, venturing out at night. If you see a scorpion don’t worry it will not attack you its sting is defensive. As a precaution always wear shoes when walking on the shore at night and if you put anything down pick it up carefully and check first. Never leave open bags on the shore at night.
There are also snakes in the desert, most notably cobras and vipers. Snakes are timid animals - much more afraid of you than you of them. The chances are extremely remote you will see a snake but if you do don’t panic just calmly back away slowly and let it go on its way.


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